Medication Disposal


Do you have medication that is expired, unused or unwanted? Please bring them in and we will be happy to dispose of them safely. We dispose of any unwanted medicines, except needles. 

As part of our essential service to the public on behalf of the NHS, we can accept unwanted medicines for disposal. It is important that medicine waste is not disposed with your general household waste or sewage, as this can be a health hazard and damage the environment! All unwanted medicine should be returned to the pharmacy to be appropriately disposed of via specialist medical waste disposal companies. Once your medicine has left the pharmacy, it cannot be reused and it must be disposed of if not needed anymore. We do not accept any needles or syringes! However if you do have any needles or syringes, please call the council on 01442 228020 and they will collect these from your home. 

In order to protect the safety of our staff, customers and the environment, when returning your unwanted medicines to the pharmacy, please take a moment to answer these quick questions. You must be able to answer all the questions with a “Yes” in order for our staff to accept your unwanted medicines. Please tell our pharmacy staff if there are any questions to which you’ve answered “No”: 

    ✔️ Are you returning only medicines? 

    ✔️ Are you sure there are no needles or other sharps in the bag/container? 

    ✔️ Are you sure there is nothing else that may affect the health & safety of our staff? 

Medicine waste is a great burden on the strained finances of the NHS (estimated at £300 million) and therefore, we encourage all members of the public to only order medication that they will actually use, and not to stockpile them. 
Please visit for further information about reducing waste.