Dosette Boxes


We understand that it can be difficult to keep track of what medicine to take and when to take them. We can help you by preparing dosette boxes for each individual’s needs. 

Dosette boxes, or trays, are designed to simplify taking your medication at the correct time of day. This is particularly important when the medication is given to a patient by a carer. Most agency carers will not give medication to their clients unless it is in a sealed dosette box, packed and checked by a pharmacist. 

Who can benefit from using them? 

  • The elderly and infirm 
  • Patients with a disability 
  • Patients on multiple medications who find it hard to keep track of their medication times 
  • Patients who have difficulty in identifying their medication, and hence finding it difficult to take the right medicine at the right time 
  • Patients who are looked after by a carer or relative 

What are the advantages? 

The following points below briefly describe how the system works and its advantages to some people: 

  • Most oral tablets/capsules can be placed into a dosette tray 
  • All medication has to be prescribed by the GP and needs to be on fixed daily dosages in accordance with the prescriber’s instructions. 
  • Medicines that require refrigeration, or to be stored under special conditions, or is in a form other than a capsule/tablet, or is to be taken on a when needed basis cannot be filled into a tray; these items will be supplied separately in the original manufacturers packs where possible. 
  • Medication is supplied in weekly packs for 28 days at a time, unless specified otherwise. This will also depend upon the prescription. 
  • All trays are disposable and do not need to be returned to the pharmacy once empty. However, if there is any medication left over, these must be returned to the pharmacy for disposal. 
  • Any changes to one’s medication or dosages must be reported to the pharmacy as soon as possible. Changes to medication or dosages can only be sanctioned with the consent and knowledge of the prescriber. This may require a new prescription. 
  • Using the dosette trays will ensure that medication is taken at the correct time, and will also help identify adherence to the patient themselves or to a carer. 
  • This system will also help patients manage their medication better and reduce wastage. Furthermore, medication is less likely to be misplaced or lost. 
  • As long as the trays are stored out of reach of children and kept in a cool place out of sunlight, the medication is not likely to be damaged. 

If you feel that you or someone you care for might benefit from a Dosette Tray, please get in touch to discuss the options either by telephone or via our contact us page.