Qualified Pharmacists

Our Pharmacy technicians are trained to an excellent standard and a Pharmacist is always at hand to help. Pharmacy technicians are part of the team, preparing and dispensing medicines.

Pharmacy technicians work as part of a pharmacy team under the direction of a registered pharmacist, and here at Jupiter Chemist, the Pharmacist is Mr Taif Murtadah. The work of the Pharmacist team includes:

  • taking in and handing out prescriptions
  • dispensing prescriptions
  • using computer systems to generate stock lists and labels
  • ordering items
  • receiving, loading, unloading deliveries
  • delivering medicines to other parts of a hospital or health centre
  • selling over-the-counter medicines
  • answering customers questions face to face or by phone
  • pre-packing, assembling and labelling medicines
  • preparing medicines
  • referring problems or queries to the pharmacist
(The above was taken from healthcareers.nhs.uk)